WIN £3000 CASH and your film shown at the London Short Film Festival, Rushes Soho Shorts and the 55th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express.

The inaugural Kirin First Cut Short Film Competition is about celebrating the CRAFTSMANSHIP of short film and the variety of methods now used to create them.

We are looking for budding short film makers from students, aspiring amateurs through to professionals, to submit your finest work, whether created on 35mm film or a mobile phone edited using the latest app. The only criteria are that any films entered are based around the concept of "FIRST PRESS", our unique brewing process.

A shortlist of the four best films will be chosen by our panel which includes industry experts from the London Short Film Festival and award winning Shorts director Simon Ellis. The four shortlisted films will be screened at our week long pop-up Japanese restaurant in East London, for more details, click here

The winner will be chosen by public vote and receive £3000 cash and the career defining prize of having their film shown at the 55th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express, Rushes Soho Shorts and the London Short Film Festival 2012.

2nd place will receive £1000 and their film shown at Rushes Soho Shorts.

3rd place will receive £500 and their film shown at Rushes Soho Shorts.

The final runner up will win a year's supply of Kirin Ichiban beer.


Entries for 2011 are now closed.

Please check back to see how you can get involved with next year's competition.


First Press can be interpreted in many different ways, be it literal or metaphorical, from a nervous first kiss of lips pressing together or the first press of a button that changes everything, to the most outlandish interpretation your creativity can conceive.  The only limit is your imagination. Whether it is your first steps on the road to directorial stardom or first short in a while, be sure to make ‘First Cut’, your next move.

Kirin Ichiban is not your average beer; it´s made by the unique "Ichiban Shibori Brewing Process" which literally translated means "First Press". This unique uncompromising process by which our legendary JAPANESE Beer is made uses only the sweetest, most flavoursome liquid from a single pressing of the finest ingredients. Other beers are brewed by less exacting methods. Some would say our brewing methods are ruthlessly inefficient, however we know Kirin Ichiban is crisper, richer, the most PURE - because we press once, dispose of what is left and begin again. For us, there is no other way, its beer at its purest.

Kirin´s rich history spans over 100 YEARS and is steeped in tradition and culture. From in origins in 1888, through to its arrival in the UK in 1993, the legendary brew has consistently won the favour of those seeking something different and who value quality. Not only does it have the most expensive brewing process in the World but a truly UNIQUE approach to creating beer, "First Press".

To find out more about Kirin´s history and to get your creative juices flowing, click here